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By December 2020 the Oman Medical Association Journal will be the journal that is indexed in Medline and have the highest journal impact factor in the region.


To publish scientific medical and health journal that improve the standards of medical services and enhance the quality of patients’ health care in Oman and the GCC region through researches and evidence based medicine.

Aims and Scope

Oman Medical Association Journal is a regional journal that aims to enlighten and engage medical health professionals including academics, clinicians, researchers and all other allied health professions with updated scientific knowledge and skills required to enhance the quality of medical practice through publications of a wide range of scientific peer-reviewed researches.


This journal is published quarterly with the aims and activities that reflects that of Oman Medical Association. This is the place for the scholars to publish overview of trends, areas of new medical progresses and increase awareness of the medical professionals in Oman and the Middle East. This journal will have several sections on Medical Sciences, Professional Practice and Education, the Editor column, and a section of Oman Medical Association and its allied societies News to report on regional developments, initiatives and problems.

We hope readers will find the contents interesting, information and useful. You may contact the Editor for further information  (ceditor@omajournal.org) and you can always contact us at to consider any papers or information for publication.

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